Monday, January 16, 2012

Thing 4: Social Bookmarking

Online bookmarking helps you organize all of your favorite and most useful sites--and access them no matter where you are.

The site/service has changed quite a bit since that video was made. I'm going to recommend using Diigo instead--it has all of the same features as, and works the same way.

To get started, go to and set up an account. Add and tag several of your favorite websites

You can add bookmark on any computer by logging in to and clicking Add. On your own computer, you can install either the Diigolet tool or by installing the Diigo toolbar in your browser; both of these are located under Tools, and with either of them you'll be able to bookmark sites.

You can check out my Diigo page at formanlibrary. I have over 1800 websites that I've saved using over 800 different tags; feel free to search for sites you might also find interesting.

Once you've joined Diigo and added a few of your favorite bookmarks, explore the social aspects of Diigo. Click on My Groups. On the right there will be recommended groups, and the option to browse other popular groups. You can search for groups that interest you, and find what other people have been bookmarking. If you'd like to follow a group and get updates, you can subscribe using RSS. You can also choose to be alerted via e-mail when new links are added to the group.

I set up a group for Forman, which you can find here: Forman's Diigo group. Join the group and add resources that you think will interest other teachers.

Want to use Diigo on your iPad? Check out the Diigo browser for iPad. The built-in toolbar allows you to save bookmarks directly to your Diigo account.

On your blog, write a post about your experience using Diigo. Is this something you would use? How could it be useful to you? How could it be helpful in a school setting?

In order to complete Thing 4 you need to:
  • Start a Diigo account and add websites.
  • Explore groups and join the Forman Diigo group
  • Write a post reflecting on your experience using Diio

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