Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thing 9: ThingLink

ThingLink is a very new tool (less than a year old). ThingLink allows you (or students) to embed videos and links to images. It's a great way to add contextual information to a still image.

Check out the example of a ThingLink created for a U.S. History class. Hover over the image and dots will appear; hover over a dot to see what it links to, or click on it to play the video or visit the website.

U.S. History ThingLink

Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers created a great video explaining how to use ThingLink

And here's a quick ThingLink I created using an image of the U.S. Capitol:

If you want more ideas and resources, go to Education ThingLink to sign up for a free ThingLink Education Guide.

To complete Thing 9:
  • Go to ThingLink and sign up for an account
  • Go to the ThingLink I created here: 14 Things ThingLink and click on Edit Tags at the bottom. The ThingLink will open in a new window. Click to add a tag; add a link (to a website, a video, anything!) and a description OR If you are so inspired, create your own ThingLink.
  • Embed the ThingLink in a new blog post
  • Write about your experience using ThingLink. Do you have ideas for how you might use it with students?